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Head of Hezbollah's Executive Council: Israel will be terminated

IRGC – affiliate Tasnim News Agency has conducted an extensive and comprehensive interview with the Chief of Lebanese Hezbollah's Executive Council, Hashim Safi alDin, to assess the "Zionist regime’s capabilities in the face of the Axis of Resistance, the internal situation in Israel and recent development in the regional and international arena.

In an interview translated into Hebrew and English on "The asnim website," Safi al-Din echoed the Iranian government's talking points on the weakness of Israel and the United States and the strength of Iran and its allies. He also emphasized the Palestinian resistance and the need to transfer the focus of the struggle from Gaza to the West Bank.

In Lebanon, Safi al-Din reiterated Hezbollah's support for the Lebanese government, particularly on the issue of demarcating the maritime border. He also promised that Hezbollah would stand by the government during the gas exploration and production phase.

While Safi al-Din stressed that Hezbollah and the resistance camp would stand by anyone who fights Israel, he did not mention that no organization from the resistance camp, including Iran, came to the aid of the Islamic Jihad during Operation Shield and Arrow.

Safi alDin started by stating that Israeli withdrawal from south Lebanon (May 2000) emerged as the first triumph following a series of setbacks and failures faced by the Arab world in its extensive conflict against "the Zionist enemy and paved the way for "numerous significant triumphs that persist to this day."

Key points by topic :

Iran is the backbone of power in the resistance axis. Today, we are witnessing the might of resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, and the entire axis of resistance. In 2000, we saw resistance only in Lebanon and Palestine. But today, we are an axis that has spread through the whole of the Arab and Islamic world…(eventually ") all tyrants including Nimrod, Pharaoh, the US, and Israel-, when their defeats begin, those defeats will continue, and they will move towards decline and downfall against the power of resistance…The backbone of power in this axis is the Islamic Republic of Iran …with its nation, Leader, government, the IRGC…This implies that the Axis of Resistance is strong.

The recent war game conveyed a profound message. Israel imag ned that it would be able to defeat resistance and Hezbollah by preventing the delivery of qualitative arms, missiles and other weapons to Lebanon, while it was well aware of the qualitative and quantitative progress in the power of resistance. Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyad Hassan Nasrallah had warned repeatedly that “if Israel makes any miscalculation, our missiles will reach Tel Aviv, and the Radwan Unit will enter al-Jalil (Galilee) .” Therefore, they (Israelis) are aware of all these issues and subjects. The war game was meant to communicate that we are always prepared to carry out what we have discussed, be it the Radwan Unit and entry into al-Jalil, or the big and determining confrontation.

Hezbollah will terminate this regime. It is natural for them to be worried and afraid. This is one of our objectives, not only in the war games but in all affairs. We want to c clarify for the Zionists that “this is your destiny." This regime will be terminated. They express d concern and fear at this war game, and we are pleased about their reaction. "God has end wed Hezbollah with one of his blessings. We know and believe that Hezbollah has been formed to destroy Israel. As long as I rael exists, we will also get stronger daily until the promised moment and the time for the termination of Israel and its eviction from the region.

We will take action if any threat is posed to the process of Lebanon’s gas exploration. "We actively participated in the process of the negotiation of marking Lebanon’s sea border and gas fields. The negotiated and follow-up actions were primarily carried out by the government of Lebanon, not us. However, when it was essential for the resistance to intervene, we stepped in, and our involvement proved highly effective. This was acknowledged by the United States, Israel, and even the international community…We will continue to be present in the upcoming phase, employing the same approach. We will take action if any threat arises that jeopardizes Lebanon's gas exploration process.

Golan is a Syrian territory, but Hezbollah will stand by Syria’s leadership. "As we told Palestinians in the stage of Palestine that we stand by you and would be at your service whenever necessary, we are now ready for presence regarding Golan and any other front of confrontation with the Zionist enemy…we will always serve the rights of Arabs, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and any other place in the world".

In all previous battles in Gaza and the recent war, we stood by our Palestinian brothers and notably by Islamic Jihad, which was the spearhead of confrontation with the Zionist enemy in the recent battle. We also stand by Palestinians in the cases relating to the captives, martyrs, or any Zionist aggression against resistance…we are moving in a course in which Israel is heading towards further weakness while our strength is increasing. It lost control of Gaza. Then it built the wall in part of the (West) Bank to protect itself... The conditions for Israel will get tougher both inside and outside Palestine, in all fields and spheres of resistance. The internal problems are one of them that have now become clear. We know the internal political, social, cultural, and economic divisions have many reasons. But one of the most important reasons for Israel’s internal divisions is that they feel the weakness and decline. That is why they argue in the right and left wings. Of course, they have no left wing, and nothing known as the left party has remained. They are either rightist or far-right. All of them are radical and extremist. They are confused and puzzled.

Resistance is getting more robust in the West Bank and 48 areas. Furthermore, the day will come when operations will be carried out inside the 48 regions participated by the resistance, something that Israel will not even imagine. Who could imagine that so many weapons and young Palestinian fighters might exist in Nablus and Jenin? Now imagine what would happen if the resistance gets into the 48 regions. What has been essentially planned by Haj Qassem, Haj Imad and the axis of resistance is materializing…all factors have been combined at the practical, military, and field levels and also at the political level to reach the ultimate stage and the termination of Israel. The attacks, operations, and pressures against Israel will continue.

Israel's strength lies not in its capabilities but in the perceived weakness of Arabs and Muslims. Israeli society is not unified but instead plagued by internal disputes, conspiracy, and division. Israeli society is crumbling from within as prejudices, and discrimination become more evident due to their weakened political and security situation. Israel's strength lies not in its capabilities but in the perceived weakness of Arabs and Muslims. These natural divisions within Israeli society will only increase in the future, especially with the interference of the United States and its support for certain factions.

Israel's weakness is the US’s weakness. Today the US is in a weak position in the world, and this weakness is not limited to our region. Multilateralism will not happen worldwide unless the powers and countries stand up to America. Like what is happening today in China, Russia, Europe, and the whole world...Dreams that the US had, such as the removal of Bashar Assad in Syria, the Sunni-Shia strife in Iraq, the rise of ISIS as a solution against Iran and the Axis of Resistance, and the surrender of Yemen. However, all these dreams have proven unsuccessful… the US's primary defeat in Lebanon during the 33-day war (Second Lebanese War. At the same time,repeatedly warned, 2006) marked the beginning of its failures and weakening. Israel's weakness is the US’s weakness. The political changes that are taking place in the Persian Gulf region and the Arab world indicate America's weakness. Israel is too weak to stand against the power of Iran, Iran is mighty, and today it is the most powerful country in the region.

Normalization with Israel has failed: The Abraham Accords and attempts to normalize relations with Israel have failed… the improved relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia is beneficial for the Muslim, Arab, and Islamic world, but there is a need for caution and vigilance about the future. The stability, establishment, and convergence of interests between Iran and Saudi Arabia should be observed over time to confirm their continuation. There are potential efforts by enemies, including Israel, to disrupt this positive development. Iran and the Axis of Resistance were already powerful before Beijing mediated the rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The power of the US is on the verge of collapse. Safi alDin condemns the United States for its history of crimes and bloodshed, from the genocide of Native Americans to dropping atomic bombs and engaging in various acts of aggression. He criticized the US for using its currency as a tool for pressure and imposing blockades on countries, depriving nations of their resources and fundamental rights. The speaker argues that the US is the greatest empire in human history and the biggest oppressor. He highlighted the inhumane actions of the US in Yemen, Lebanon, and Palestine, causing immense suffering and starvation. He expressed confidence that the power of the US is on the verge of collapse.


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