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Iran's defense minister urges US, EU to leave Middle East

Iranian DM advices US and EU to leave the Middle East

Describing the Middle East as a very important, strategic, and sensitive region due to its energy transfer lines, Iran's Defense Minister Brig Gen Mohammad Reza Ashtiani has called (November 25) on the US and European countries to leave the Middle East "The continued involvement of the United States and certain European nations in this region will inevitably provoke a response from the entire area, including the Axis of Resistance. I advise these foreign countries to withdraw from the region and avoid escalating tensions."He also criticized Washington for supporting Israel and said the US would have to pay the price for "Israel's crimes" in the Gaza war.

Ashtiani praised the Hamas 7 October operations and said: "When the al-Aqsa Flood operation started, the Zionist regime was surprised in every respect and fell into the abyss of collapse. This means a heavy defeat. "This operation led to the comprehensive downfall of this notorious regime across multiple aspects, including its political and military. The Americans acutely sensed the imminent threat of a total collapse of this regime and consequently took steps to support it. Several European countries also joined in this effort of backing the regime." He predicted that Israel would fall and said this would lead to the restoration of "real security" in the region.


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