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Iran's Strategic Military Expansion into the Mediterranean

Safavi : Iran's strategic defense depth lies in the Mediterranean Sea, and we need to increase this strategic depth by 5,000 kilometers

In a speech at Imam Hussein University, Major General Yahya Rahim-Safavi, former commander of the IRGC and a senior military advisor to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, highlighted Iran's strategic military objectives. He stated, "Our strategic defense extends into the Mediterranean Sea, and we plan to further this reach by an additional 5,000 kilometers."

Safavi credited the founders of the IRGC with a profound understanding of what he termed "pure Islam," aligning this with the philosophies of Imam Hussein and Imam Khamenei. He attributed the military's advancement to its blend of knowledge and rationality, noting that many of Iran's war commanders are alumni of Imam Hussein University. According to Safavi, these commanders have excelled in strategic thinking and operational planning and have surprised adversaries with their tactics.

Further, Safavi reflected on the broader geopolitical strategy, mentioning the role of the revolution's leader in bolstering the "Axis of Resistance" and recognizing General Qasem Soleimani's contributions in utilizing the IRGC's capabilities. He remarked on the perceived victories in the region, specifically mentioning the Yemenis' actions against the Americans as evidence of the effectiveness of this strategy ("and today you are witnessing how the Houthis) have humiliated the Americans."

Emphasizing the necessity of enhancing Iran's defense and security, Safavi articulated the strategic importance of the Mediterranean and Red Seas. He advocated for the IRGC's naval and air forces to focus on these areas, predicting that future conflicts would be predominantly maritime and aerial.

Through these statements, Safavi outlined a vision for Iran's strategic military expansion and its focus on merging religious philosophy and historical education to advance IRGC modern tactical and operational planning.


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