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Iran Unveils Arash-2; set to Target Haifa, Tel Aviv

On September 22, during Iran's Holy Defense Week, a grand military parade was held in the presence of prominent figures, including President Ibrahim Raisi and senior military officials. Central to the event was the unveiling of the Arash-2 drone, heralded by Iranian media as "the world's longest-range suicide drone" with a 2,000 km range.

The commander of the army's ground forces states that the Arash-2 drone's target destinations include the Israeli cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv. This assertion was further accentuated by billboards displayed during the parade, proclaiming "Death to Israel" and "Death to America," accompanied by ominous warnings in Hebrew and English urging Israelis to "prepare their shelters."

According to the Iranian media, the Arash-2 drone (named after Arash the Archer, a heroic figure of Iranian mythology) is one of the types of suicide drones made in Iran, with a range of 2000 km, can and is considered "the longest-range suicide drone in the world." Arash is an upgraded version of the Kian 2 UAV, powered by a piston engine instead of a jet engine. 16 different types of drones were also shown during the parade. Western officials claim Tehran supplies Shahed-136 and Arash drones to Russia for use in the war against Ukraine.

The drone is almost the same size and appearance as the Kian 2 but can suppress air defense. Iranian media maintained that The Arash-2 UAV is an indigenously developed loitering munition system for precision strikes against high-value enemy assets such as radar installations, naval vessels, and stationary military infrastructures. Boasting a range of 2000 km and equipped with a substantial warhead payload, the Arash-2 is optimized for deep penetration missions into adversarial territory.

The Arash-2 UAV deployment utilizes two distinct launcher configurations: a conventional Jeto-style launcher akin to the Karar system and a modular box launcher adaptable to vehicular platforms. The incorporation of box launchers not only obfuscates the drone's identification but, when combined with the enhanced mobility of its transport vehicle, augments its operational survivability.

Iranian media added that The Arash-2, integrated with infrared and electro-optical seekers, offers enhanced targeting capabilities to engage fixed and mobile threats or specific assets within the adversarial territory. The drone's utilization of thermal and electro-optical seekers bolsters its operational versatility and accuracy.

The commander of the army's ground forces said in an interview about Arash: "We have assigned this drone to attack Haifa and Tel Aviv." During the parade a large billboards that read "Death to Israel" and "Death to America," as well as posters in Hebrew and English warning Israelis to "prepare their shelters."

Billboards in Shiraz show Khamenei's prediction that Israel will cease to exist in 25 years, with a countdown of 4218 days remaining.

Iranian media quoted several Israeli media outlets who have considered the unveiling of this drone and Fattah hypersonic missile during the parade as a clear threatening message to Israel from Iran. This is the first time Fatah's hypersonic missile participated in the armed forces parade and was publicly displayed. Iran also showcased for the first time the Shahed-136 drone launchers.

At the parade, the Iranian Defense Ministry showcased Arman-1, a new guided air-to-ground bomb, as reported by Tasnim. Additionally, previously revealed equipment, now in mass production, including the Khorramshahr and Haj Qasem (Solimani, former Commander of IRGC-QF, assassinated in January 202) ballistic missiles, were handed over to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Arash-2 Suicide Drone Specifications:

  • Length: Approx. 4.5 meters

  • Wingspan: Approx. 4 meters

  • Flight Ceiling: 3,657 meters (or 12,000 feet)

  • Engine: Piston MD550 or MDSO-4-520 Tempest, producing 50 horsepower

  • Top Speed: 185 km/h

  • Operational Range: 2,000 km

  • Weight: Approx. 200 kg

Arash-2 Suicide Drone Specifications in Hebrew


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