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Iran unveils multi-rotor "intelligent bomber"

The Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization within the Iranian regular army's ground forces has unveiled (Oct. 28) an enhanced "multi-rotor intelligent bomber equipped with unique combat and stealth capabilities." This latest model debuted during an exhibition of the Eqtedar 1402 (Strength 1402) annual two-day drills conducted by the Iranian regular army ground forces in the Nasrabad region of Isfahan province.

As reported by Iranian media, this new drone possesses the capability to transport six 2kg-Simorgh bombs across distances of over 2km. Furthermore, it can reach altitudes of up to 1km and operate within a radius of 10km. Its primary function is precisely targeting stationary objectives, including observation towers, armored vehicles, anti-armor equipment, military installations, and enemy command and control centers.

The reports further emphasize that this upgraded bomber drone is equipped with anti-jamming technology, guided by a GPS, and coordinated through a ground station. In the event of a loss of control, it possesses an autopilot feature that allows it to return to its original course. Notably, this system is distinguished by its silent engines, rendering it undetectable by enemy radar systems.

Ultimately, these systems end up in the hands of Iran's terrorist proxies in the Middle East. On October 7th, during its attack on Israel, Hamas used multi-rotor drones to target Israeli tanks, gun towers, and checkpoints, deploying these drones to drop ammunition.


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