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IRIN Completes Formation of Three Oceanic Commands

The Commander of the Iranian Navy (IRIN), Admiral Shahram Irani, announced the successful completion of the formation and structuring of three oceanic commands (Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans).

Admiral Irani confirmed that these commands had been formed and structuring had been finalized. However, he mentioned that the commands are currently in the final stages, requiring additional equipment tailored to their specific missions.

Admiral Irani further explained that the primary objective behind establishing these oceanic commands is to ensure that future equipment is suitable for operating in oceanic environments. The Navy aims to maintain a permanent and continuous presence in these areas beyond mere transit or patrolling activities. This necessitates the development of dedicated mechanisms for permanent presence and constant patrols.

Addressing concerns about the presence of hostile countries in the designated areas of operation and the fleet's reliance on land infrastructure, Admiral Irani reassured that this issue had been duly considered and addressed. Provision has been made to handle such challenges effectively.

Admiral Irani also mentioned that the rotation of personnel is essential to these commands. Personnel will not be stationed in a single oceanic command for an extended period. While the equipment will remain in place, it will be replaced with new equipment when maintenance or overhaul is required.

Admiral Irani emphasized that establishing these three oceanic commands signifies a significant milestone for the future of the Iranian Navy, offering a broader horizon for the naval operations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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