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Khamenei's Hajj 2023 Message: Unity against US and Zionism

In his Hajj 2023 message, Ayatollah Khamenei warned that the US and Zionism are working to undermine Muslim unity and spirituality. He called on Muslims to stand against these forces and promote religious ethics.

Khamenei stresses that Muslims themselves must first comprehend and implement the life-giving message of Hajj. Unity entails intellectual and practical connections, cooperation among Muslim nations, and resistance against common enemies. It means rejecting the enemy's divisive narratives and instead promoting communication, dialogue, and coexistence. Additionally, unity involves the collaboration of Islamic scholars, intellectuals, and political leaders to determine the Islamic Ummah's role in the emerging global order.

Khamenei acknowledges that unity and spirituality face opposition from the United States, Zionism, and other centers of Arrogance. These forces are hostile to Muslim unity, interfaith understanding, and the religious commitment of the younger generation. It is the duty of all Muslims, nations, and governments to stand against this nefarious agenda. Imam Khamenei calls upon individuals to seek divine assistance, strengthen their commitment to monotheism, and promote the spirit of disavowal of polytheism:

"At this juncture in time and more than in the past, unity and spirituality are subject to the enmity and sabotage of the Arrogant Powers and Zionism. The US and other centers of Arrogance strongly oppose the unity of Muslims, the understanding between nations, countries, and Islamic governments, and the religiosity and commitment to religion of the younger generation in these nations. They are intensely opposed to these, and they will fight these with any means they can. It is the duty of all of us, the duty of all nations, and the duty of our governments to stand against this evil scheme of the US and Zionist regime".

Hajj pilgrimage possesses the power to nullify the schemes of the USA and Zionism


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