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Leader Emphasizes the Need for Determination in Preserving Khomeini's Legacy Against Adversaries

On June 4, 2023, in observance of the 34th anniversary of Imam Khomeini's death, Khamenei gave a live televised speech. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized the significant changes brought about by Imam Khomeini in Iran, the Islamic world, and globally. He empowered a nation previously reliant on foreign influences by instilling a spirit of "We can," capable of overcoming present and future challenges.

When discussing the impact of Imam Khomeini's transformation on the Islamic world, the Leader highlighted the emergence of the Islamic Awakening, the dynamic and relatively prepared Islamic government, and the elevation of the Palestinian issue to the forefront of the Islamic world. Furthermore, he stated that Imam Khomeini revitalized the spirit of the oppressed Palestinian people.

Khamenei asserted that Khomeini's most valuable lesson and advice to the people was to continue walking his path, preserving his legacy, and following the threefold transformation he initiated at the national, Islamic, and global levels.

Imam Khamenei acknowledged that the requirements and tools necessary to continue Imam Khomeini's path and objectives changed compared to four decades ago. He noted that the opposing forces, namely Arrogance, Zionism, and aggressive powers, remain the same, lining up against the Iranian nation as they did before. However, he pointed out that the Iranian nation has grown stronger while the enemy has weakened.

Contrary to some mistaken beliefs, Imam Khamenei emphasized that the hostility of Global Arrogance and Zionism towards Iran will not fade due to local retreats; instead, such retreats often lead to increased aggression from the enemies. This is because their ultimate goal is to revert Iran to its pre-Revolution era when the nation depended on others and lacked its own identity.

Furthermore, the Leader Criticized previous Iranian governments for giving in to the powers

and noted instances in the past few decades when individuals in certain administrations advocated for retreat and concessions. In one such administration, the country to which Iran had previously retreated issued an indictment against its president (Argentina Indictment of the Late President Rafsanjani). In another administration, Iran was unjustly labeled (by President Bush) as part of an axis of evil.

Imam Khamenei stated that stubborn and arrogant institutions have consistently attempted to weaken people's faith and hope over the past few decades and have achieved some progress in some instances. He described the recent protests in Iran as the culmination of the enemies' ongoing efforts. These riots were meticulously planned in the think tanks of Western countries. They were executed with substantial financial, arms, and media support from Western security institutions, traitors, and mercenaries who betrayed their nation and pursued hostile policies against Iran. The enemies believed that the Islamic Republic was on the verge of collapse and that they could exploit the Iranian nation to achieve their objectives. However, once again, they underestimated the Iranian nation and failed.


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