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Minister of Oil: Embracing Offshore Refineries and Becoming a Gas Hub in the Middle East

Iran's Minister of Oil, Javad Oji, announced that Iran is embracing the utilization of offshore refineries in various countries, marking a significant shift since the revolution. Oju added that this initiative had yielded fruitful outcomes in Latin America and Venezuela.

Oji emphasized Iran's efforts to enhance its involvement in energy trade with neighboring countries within the region and highlighted the successful resolution of the original debt regarding gas imports from Turkmenistan by the 13th government.

Oji expressed Iran's ambition to establish itself as a prominent gas hub in the Middle East, emphasizing Iran's vast reserves of over 33 trillion cubic meters of extractable gas and its advantageous geographical position. He highlighted the uniqueness of Iran's gas network and transmission infrastructure, both within the region and globally. Iran aims to enhance its energy trade with neighboring countries to increase its share in this sector.

He acknowledged positive developments in the domains of oil, gas, refining, and petrochemicals over the past 20 months, with the utilization of offshore refineries being one of the notable achievements. Oji emphasized Iran's utilization of extraterritorial refineries located abroad to process oil and circumvent crude sales, stressing that petroleum products are exempt from sanctions due to their universal demand.

Regarding gasoline production, Oji assured that all gasoline processed in the country's ten refineries adheres to the Euro standard. He assured the public that there are no issues with gasoline availability within the country, stating that three refineries can produce Euro 5-grade gasoline.

The oil ministers of Iran and Venezuela


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