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Persian Gulf Security is Solely in Regional Hands, No Need for US and Foreign Presence

"Iran's Naval Commander Warns: Persian Gulf Security is Solely in Regional Hands, No Need for US and Foreign Presence" ; UAE its withdrawal from participating in CMF

Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri said that only Iran and other regional countries will ensure the security of the Persian Gulf and there is no need for the US and other countries to be present in the strategic waterway. Tangsiri stated: “You are damn wrong to be present in our region… If we back down against the enemy, it will definitely dominate us and we have no choice but to stand and resist, which is the path to the victory of our nation…We resolutely secure the Persian Gulf, and the media must participate in this security and reflect the capabilities of the IRGC Navy and the Army so that the world understands that the security of the Persian Gulf does not need foreigners”.

In recent weeks the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has expressed frustration with the United States over what it perceives as a lack of action to deter Iran following the seizure of two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The UAE and other Gulf officials believe that the US has not done enough to deter Iranian attacks in the region, eroding their confidence in US commitment to their security.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced on May 31 that it had withdrawn from participating in the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) operations. The CMF is a multinational naval force established in 2001 to counter terrorism and piracy in the Gulf region. The UAE has been a member of the CMF since its inception.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the withdrawal resulted from an ongoing evaluation of the country's security cooperation with all partners. The ministry added that the UAE remains committed to ensuring the safety of navigation in the Gulf by international law.

The UAE's withdrawal from the CMF is a sign of the country's growing frustration with the U.S.'s lack of action and commitment to address the growing threat posed by Iran.


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